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We are a full service auto repair shop. specializing in oil changes, brakes, heating system, car air conditioning, tires, batteries, computer diagnostics. Towing and vehicle recovery services in Holden, Paxton, Rutland and Sterling, MA.  Our Wachusett area customers have counted on our reliability and honesty for over 35 years. 

Brake Repair

Brake Repair

Brakes are the number one safety feature of any vehicle, and if your brakes are not responding properly when applied
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Steering & Suspension

Steering & Suspension

Your steering and suspension system should be inspected at the very least yearly to prevent major suspension repairs.
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Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services

Your check engine light just came on. What’s wrong? Is it serious?
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Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

If you need factory scheduled maintenance, You can count on the mechanics at Village Repair to handle all major and minor auto repairs
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Tire Replacement

Tire Replacement

Onсе thе proper tіrе fоr the vеhісlе has been selected thе bеѕt рrасtісе is tо replace аll four tіrеѕ аt thе same time
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Oil & Fluid Change

Oil & Fluid Changes

The most effective and least expensive way to help protect the life of your car, especially its engine, is to change the oil
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Towing & Recovery

Towing & Recovery

We offer an extensive range of towing services including the flatbed tow truck, auto wrecking, long distance towing, vehicle recovery services
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Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Alignment problems are not uncommon and do not take a great deal of mechanical knowledge to confirm.
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What Our Customers Say

  • Lea Ann Scales AvatarLea Ann Scales

    Great local company with impeccable customer service. Highly recommend.Service was fast, the team was professional and I will use Village... read more - 10/11/2018 

  • Joyce Kimball AvatarJoyce Kimball

    Rick answers the phone and schedules me quickly. It's super convenient to have a night drop slot and after hours... read more - 2/09/2020 

  • Stacey Gaudet AvatarStacey Gaudet

    Fair and speedy - 12/07/2017 

  • Anji Hathaway Spencer AvatarAnji Hathaway Spencer

    *Great* service with a smile...always appreciated. Thank you Village Repair for once again bringing my old Trooper back to... read more - 1/28/2014 

  • Matt Walsh AvatarMatt Walsh

    Very reasonable and honest mechanic. I’ve brought the car in because I thought the breaks needed work and been told... read more - 12/28/2018 

  • Justin Lemieux AvatarJustin Lemieux

    Moved into the neighborhood in the last couple of weeks. I received a coupon in the mail from Village Repair,... read more - 9/28/2017 

  • Bette Lapoint AvatarBette Lapoint

    Have always had great service and treated well. Will always take my vehicle here for any service. - 4/10/2017 

  • Joyce Burnett AvatarJoyce Burnett

    They do a great job on vehicles. I have brought my vehicles there for the last 30+ years! - 3/19/2019 

  • James Petrone AvatarJames Petrone

    Fantastic crew. Honest as the day is long. You might pay a little more. But it is so worth it. - 6/07/2019 

  • David Kampfman AvatarDavid Kampfman

    Staff of phenomenal and we'll educated in their Craft - 5/11/2018 

  • Pete Towler AvatarPete Towler

    Honest, local repair shop doing quality work for a fair price! - 12/19/2018 

  • Linda Delamere AvatarLinda Delamere

    I was very happy with my first experience at Village Repair. They did a great job checking for problems so... read more - 1/16/2020 

  • James Petrone AvatarJames Petrone

    Fantastic crew. Honest as the day is long. You might pay a little more. But it is so worth it. - 5/09/2019 

  • Elisabeth Gondek AvatarElisabeth Gondek

    Kind and courteous. They do a great job with the car and are usually finished before the estimated time. - 1/16/2020 

  • Sandra Lee Woodin AvatarSandra Lee Woodin

    Fastest oil change ever today. Was able to get an early appointment and made it to work on time!! ... read more - 5/06/2016 

  • Neil Kelley AvatarNeil Kelley

    Village Repair is a great local mechanic, they have always done great service on my car. I can usually call,... read more - 2/11/2019 

  • Kelly Lima Dolen AvatarKelly Lima Dolen

    Took my car in due to a terrible sound coming from one of my tires. They took my car in... read more - 9/28/2017 

  • Bruce Wickman AvatarBruce Wickman

    Great service-have always been very happy with Ted and his team and the work they do! - 2/02/2020 

  • Mister Blint AvatarMister Blint

    These guys are honest which is the number one criteria for car repair with me, and the work they do... read more - 12/07/2014 

  • Beverly Heath AvatarBeverly Heath

    I am always treated well am well informed of what needs to be done and the job always gets done right. - 7/27/2019 

We Stand by Our Service for over 34 Years!

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