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Village Repair Tow Trucks

Cars, just like any other machines occasionally break down when one least expects. Emergency car breakdown can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. This is why we are dedicated to providing reliable towing services to clients who experience unexpected vehicle breakdown. We do understand the needs of our clients in unexpected situations.

We offer an extensive range of towing services including the flatbed tow truck, auto wrecking, long distance towing, vehicle recovery services, emergency towing and accident removal.

Here are some reasons why we you should choose Village for your next tow:

Village Repair is fully licensed, bonded and accredited. We ensure that we meet the highest standards in all the services we provide. We assure our clients the highest standards and top safety of their autos. We are your local AAA authorized towing facility.

Our expert towing technicians that understand the diverse needs of our clients. They are friendly to work with. It is true that clients come with different auto and towing needs. We are sure to get them back on the road safely with our unparalleled towing and auto related services. We use that latest state-of-the-art towing tools and equipment. This enables us to facilitate safe and secure towing and auto repair services that match with the needs of our clients.  We offer the proper towing services for all car models including all wheel drive vehicles.

We are proud of our decades of experience in offering exceptionally high quality towing and auto services.

We are locally-owned. This is why we provide the most flexible towing services for vehicle breakdown to clients anywhere. Being locally owned and operated has enabled us to facilitate flexible scheduling. 

Car breakdown is one of the most distressing things that can happen to someone especially when you are trying to get home, or if you are stranded in a lonely or inaccessible place. We are specialists, determined to help out our clients at such times of distress. Contact us for reliable towing services. If you have a breakdown and need a tow in Paxton, MA, Holden, MA or Rutland, MA call Village Repair and we will come to the rescue.